Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ozotic Pro 520

Hi everyone! I ordered these Ozotic Pros and had them sent to a friend in Australia who brought them home for me, 7 months after ordering so I've been dying to try them. They're still in the old round bottles, not the square ones, which I like better. Somehow the new square bottles aren't as attractive.

This is a pretty pretty multichrome polish which changes from a dark pink to red to orange, and even some green. I've done my best to capture the colours, but the green is notoriously hard to catch.

This is two coats of the polish on top of one coat of black. The colour shift is much more obvious over black than without it, though I wish it wasn't so, because I struggle so hard to paint a nice layer of black and clean it up neatly.

In this picture below you can see that the colour near the cuticles is sort of green, maybe even blu-ish.

And you can see the green colour shift right here in this picture below!

I love how it looks like molten metal on my fingers, the colour literally glows!

Ozotic Pro has seriously one of the best multichromatic polishes around, I've got 7 and I haven't even tried the multichromatic glitters yet! I absolutely love this polish and how it changes colours so vibrantly!

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