Saturday, January 28, 2012

Roar roar dinosaur roar!

I did this manicure in Israel, before I returned, but yup I'm only posting it now. It's pretty awesome.

Yes it's dinosaurs!!!!! I always wanted the Hot Topic stamping plates, because one of them has a T-Rex on them, but unfortunately they're so rare, so I decided to make water decals instead, which is a pretty good substitute since I can create a whole range of dinosaurs instead. 

I like dinosaurs because I find it entertaining to pretend to be one, but unfortunately I cannot for the life of me identify any of them except the T-Rex, which is on the little finger of my right hand, because ironically it is really really small. 

Here are my little dinosaurs roaring from the top of the Mount of Olives over the old city in Jerusalem. The shiny gold thing in the distance is the Dome of the Rock. 

The green base is a lovely kelly green jelly polish from Flor Mar. 

Dinosaurs names are so cute too! I'm Cherylsaurus. Anyway what do you think of dinosaurs on nails? Weird? Cute? 


  1. ahhhh!!! I LOVE dinosaurs!:] these are great. you said you made the water decals?? how?! it's amazing

  2. This is soooo cute! You should make a post on how you made the water decals, they're so cool :)

  3. Actually I have, it's here: