Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SUR Transfer Solution & Beauty Asia 2013

I went to Beauty Asia 2013 yesterday, and bought so many polishes! Having held myself back from some polish purchases in the last few months so I could get them at a good price at Beauty Asia, I definitely splurged this time!

I got quite a lot of Zoyas, my very first Lippmans, some China Glazes and OPIs, the giant bottle of Seche Vite and Seche Restore, some Nail Tek nail files and those scrapers for your feet, and the best of all, a Transfer Solution from Korean brand SUR!

I got to meet some people there as well, like Musical Houses, who is really really nice and I can't believe that she actually recognizes my blog even though I haven't updated it for ages! The Seche Vite top coat was also 1 for 1, at $44, and I split it with another girl I met there (Hi Chloe!!!!!). I also recognized some other bloggers around, and it reminded me of how much I do enjoy the blogging community.

If you're interested in going for Beauty Asia 2013, these are the polish prices:

  • China Glaze: $7, $3 at Star Light Distributors for some of the old polishes
  • OPI: $9, not many polishes from the recent collections though
  • Zoya: $7
  • Misa: $5
  • Essie is available, though I forgot to purchase any. I believe it is $6, though mostly nudes and light colours. 
  • Deborah Lippman: $18
  • Orly: $7, Flash Glam FX collection available
  • Seche Vite (giant bottles): 1 for 1, at $44
  • Seche Restore (giant bottle): $17
  • SUR Transfer Solution set: $10
  • SUR Transfer Solution only: $6
Sur Transfer Solution

The magical potion! Now this is absolutely AMAZING because using their Solution Transfer, you can transfer any image from a piece of paper that is printed on a laserjet printer onto your nails. Yes, any image that you have!

The white polish is the base colour, you can use any colour but the white polish is really opaque, covers almost everything in one coat, and dries super fast! It's pretty good, so I would suggest you get the set if you can. 

Step 1: Paint nails 

This is after ONE thick coat. 

Now the set does come with some printed designs, which is simply printed on paper. 

But I got some extra designs from the lady selling it, so I chose to use this Cath Kidston print. 

Step 2: Prepare the design you want to use

You don't have to cut the paper, but I did it because it's a really small area. You can simply tear little pieces of the design to use. 

Step 3: Paint the Transfer Solution on BOTH sides of the paper, press the side with the image down on your nails. Press down for 30 seconds, according to the lady at the SUR booth. 

However, I found that less than 10 seconds was sufficient, and if I left the paper on for more than that, the paper fibres actually stuck to the nail and was a little challenging to remove. 

Step 4: Ta-daa!!!!!

Because of the little paper fibres, the nail surface was a little rough, so I smoothed it out with a coat of Gelous, then top coat, and now I have really pretty nails, which were done in less than an hour!

So if you're going down to Beauty Asia, be sure to stop by the SUR booth. It's in the "Natural" side (ie. under the "Natural" balloon), and if you're going, drop me a note because now I think I need more bottles of these!